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  1. Monical’s + The Marine Corps = Happy Kids!

    Everyone knows Monical’s for the Family Pleaser, the Salad Dressing, and the Breadsticks (are you hungry yet?) but we wanted to highlight another reason why Monical’s truly does “Bring People Together”. 2013 continues our 9+ year partnership with Toys for Tots.  Many people only think of Toys for Tots near the holidays.  Preparation to pull off the toy drive takes all year. Toys for Tots started in 1947 in Los Angeles by Major Hendrickson.  That … Read More

  2. A duo meant for the ages… “Sweet & Tart”

    For 50 years, Monical’s has been famous (in part) for our Sweet & Tart Salad Dressing.  Our Guests have learned to use it not just on salad, but also on pizza, breadsticks, sandwiches and just about anything else on the menu. [youtube=]The original Sweet & Tart recipe dates back many years, and the recipe is not easy to reproduce or duplicate. The slightest variation in the way it’s made can cause changes in color, texture … Read More

  3. Welcome

    Darkness is beginning to fall and there’s a slight chill in the air.  As the campfire is lit, campers are drawn to the warmth and the light.  They circle around the fire and begin to converse, tell stories, and sing camp songs. It’s one of those shared experiences you look forward to, tend to remember, and want to repeat. For Monical’s Pizza, our core menu items are our campfire. They attract people almost magically and make them … Read More