Sports Backer

sports backerMonical’s Pizza® works with numerous sports teams to recognize players, coaches and the support of their family and friends.

At Monical’s Pizza®, we get many requests for team sponsorships throughout the year. Since we are very much in favor of community support, we would rather not limit ourselves to one or two teams in the area. With this in mind, Monical’s has a sponsorship program of our own that is not team specific.

Coaches can request fliers explaining how we recognize the teams throughout the season. A flier entitles the team to the Monical’s Sports Backer Special. (Please limit 1 flier per team, per season.) Offer applies to local teams only. Some restrictions may apply. See your local Monical’s Pizza® for details.

The Sports Backer Special includes: 2 Free 16″ (large) thin or pan crust pizzas with one topping and two pitchers of soft drink. A 10% discount is available for any additional purchase. The discount applies to all coaches, friends or family members present at the time of the party.

All we ask is that you or the team manager contacts your area Monical’s Pizza® at the phone number listed on the flier with advance notice. This will allow you and the restaurant staff to properly prepare.

Contact your local Monical’s Pizza® restaurant for more information.