S.C.R.I.P. / Gift Card Program

Monical’s Pizza® participates in a gift card fund raising program. This program, often referred to as “shopping cart fundraising” or “SCRIP”, allows non-profit organizations to raise money with a minimum amount of effort.

What is the Monical’s Pizza® SCRIP/Gift Card Program?
Schools, churches or other non-profit organizations can pre-purchase gift cards at a 5% discounted rate and then re-sell the Monical’s Pizza® Gift Cards at full face value.


Example: a non-profit group purchases a $100 set of gift cards for $95, and “sells” them to the program participants for $100, making the $5 as fundraising “profit”.

What makes this program valuable?
This effective fundraising tool works for organizations because your members use it to buy one of their favorite products – pizza – while generating a portion of funds for your cause, projects, or programs.

The Monical’s Pizza® SCRIP program may be used in conjunction with the Community Day Fundraising Program to increase your organization’s fundraising efforts.

How do I start this program?

  • Fill out the “Application Form” to submit a request for participation*.
  • Enrolled organizations need to select the “Order/Reorder Form” and complete for each fulfillment request.

* Please allow 14 business days to process a new application prior to placing an initial order.

For additional questions about the program, let us know!