School Reading

Monical’s Pizza® encourages our young people to read through our School Reading Program. This program is intended to spark an interest in reading for children AND reward them for their efforts.

Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade that meet their predetermined goals set by the educator are recognized with a Reading Reward Certificate. Each certificate entitles the student to a FREE 8″ Individual Thin Crust Pizza with one topping. Monical’s Pizza provides three coupons per enrolled student. These certificates can be redeemed at any participating Monical’s Pizza® restaurant.



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The 2014-2015 school reading program registration is now closed.

Participating educators must sign up each year by June 15th to be eligible for the upcoming school year.

All rewards are free of charge to participating educators. Certificates will be distributed by September 15th. This classroom-structured program is not available on an individual basis. Due to the inability to verify enrollment, we are unable to provide certificates to home school organizations. Home school families are welcome to participate and must sign up individually. Group redemption of coupons and classroom pizza parties are prohibited.