Community Days

Bourbonnais partyMonical’s Pizza works with area non-profit organizations to raise money with a minimum of effort.

Our program is very simple. Schedule a Monday or Tuesday Community Day at Monical’s Pizza for your group with our easy online request form. Then bring your family and friends! Enjoy a delicious dinner, including our famous thin crust pizzas, mouth-watering pastas and garden-fresh salads. Monical’s Pizza will donate 20% of each bill to your organization.



Community Day Guidelines:

  • Event must be scheduled at least 30 days in advance.
  • Only one event per community, per day.
  • Event is good from open to close of participating locations.
  • Event is valid on full price Dine In menu (no carry out discounts taken)
  • Alcohol and gift card sales are not eligible and are removed from total of ticket.
  • Flier MUST accompany guest check for accounting to process donation.
  • Community Day is available to all Non-for-Profit groups (Churches, Schools, Teams). Individual benefits are not eligible for this program. The check must be written to a non-for-profit organization. A group may be asked to present proof of Non-for-Profit status (E-99, etc.)
  • A group is limited to one event per 6 months. A parent organization may schedule different groups within the organization no less than 45 days apart.
  • Community Days are not available on holidays or between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
  • Participants may not pass out fliers in the restaurant or parking lot prior to or during their event.
  • Do not stuff postal boxes as the Post Office will assess a charge.
  • Unless your organization has multiple branches in other areas, limit your restaurant choices to your community only. You may choose a maximum of three locations, but please only choose locations that will be attended by your supporters.

What we do:

  • We set up your date.
  • We mail copies of your flier to the location of your choice about 2-3 weeks ahead of your scheduled date.
  • We provide you with a press release and public service announcement that you can fill out and submit to your local paper or radio station.
  • We post your flier on our website on the Community Day calendar approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your event.
  • We host your Community Day from open to close at your selected location(s).
  • We send you a check for 20% of each bill accompanied by your flier within 30 days of your Community Day.

What you do:

  • You register for your event via the electronic registration form.
  • You get your Community Day package.
  • You pass out your fliers to all potential supporters.
  • You promote your event through e-mail, friends and family, post it on your Facebook page or Twitter, and get your supporters excited!
  • You take your press release to your local paper and public service announcement to your local radio station. Most medias have a direct fax line for all local news.
  • You make sure all your supporters are reminded to attend your date.
  • You attend your scheduled day and enjoy a delicious dinner, including our famous thin crust pizzas, pastas and garden-fresh salads.
  • You get a check in about 30 days.

Hints for a successful event:

  • Get the fliers in the hands of supporters that will come.
  • Pass them out at meetings, services and parties.
  • Remind your organization as often as possible.
  • Put the date on your organization calendar.
  • Have each member take fliers to pass out to supporters.
  • Develop a phone tree to remind supporters the day before.

To find a date and schedule your event:

  • Visit the Community Day Calendar to look for available dates.
  • After finding an open date for your organization, select and complete the Community Day Registration Form.

All program materials and rewards are free of charge to non-profit organizations.