Darkness is beginning to fall and there’s a slight chill in the air.  As the campfire is lit, campers are drawn to the warmth and the light.  They circle around the fire and begin to converse, tell stories, and sing camp songs. It’s one of those shared experiences you look forward to, tend to remember, and want to repeat.

For Monical’s Pizza, our core menu items are our campfire. They attract people almost magically and make them want to come back again and again. And once attracted, they enjoy the social attributes of the experience. They converse, share stories and enjoy one another’s company.  This is the “song-sharing” aspect of the Monical’s experience. This is “We Bring People Together.”

Our blog is intended to give our community an opportunity to hear and share the stories created around the shared experience of our beloved Pizza, Salad, Sweet & Tart Dressing and Breadsticks. Stories could include a first visit to Monical’s, a most memorable visit to Monical’s, or what a person misses most about Monical’s (for people who no longer live in the area). These same stories may also be told by our team members as they share the experience of their first day working at Monical’s, people they’ve met and served while working at Monical’s, or what working for the company has meant to them.

Please grab your blankets and join us. We look forward to the many stories that are waiting to be told!


  1. My family loves your pizza. When we all get together we meet at your place for a family meal. Some of us have moved out of Illinois and now live in Michigan and Wisconsin. Do you foresee having Monical’s Pizza restaurants in Michigan or Wisconsin soon?

    Thank you…


    • Thanks for sharing Monical’s with your family!
      We have one location in Wisconsin, near Minocqua, and have added locations in Indiana. As to expanding our presence in Wisconsin or Michigan or -this is not in our current plans. On the plus side…we never say never!

    • Wayne,
      Thank you for asking! We are working on the option of preparing pizzas for shipping. We are currently working through Manufacturing, Federal Regulatory and shipping issues to see if this is a possibility. This is a project that we started last summer and the progress is moving, just not as fast as many of us would like.
      We look forward to being able to provide this service -as we currently believe it can be achieved…In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy our pizzas while you are in the area!

  2. Congratulations on launching the Monical’s blog! I’m sure you will have countless people ready to share their best Monical’s story. It really is an establishment around which many clear and fun memories have been built and continue to be made. I will be checking back here on a regular basis.

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