Monical’s Nutritional Calculator


In response to both increased guest demand and pending legislation under the Affordable Care Act, we decided to update our on-line nutrition information to make it more user- friendly.  We searched for a provider who could give us a more comprehensive approach for accessing our nutritional information.  After reviewing a large number of nutritional information pages on restaurant websites, we concluded that a “nutrition calculator’ would be an excellent approach for us to follow.  The nutritional calculator allows guests to “build” their meals and then receive a broad range of nutritional information.  A bonus of this effort was that the nutritional calculator would also list potential allergens to assist guests with food allergies in making safe meal choices.


We selected Nutritional Information Services (NIS), a company headquartered in Washington D. C., as our nutritional information provider.  We submitted to NIS all of our recipes (including specialty recipes from our franchisees) along with portion information and product specification sheets for all of the food products we utilize in our operations.  Utilizing our information, NIS built a calculator specific to our corporate menu which will be linked to our new website.  While the calculator will be specific only to the corporate menu, each individual franchise location will have a link to a PDF, which will contain nutritional information specific to their local menu.


Healthy eating is a product of making good choices based on accurate information combined with an active lifestyle.  For most people it doesn’t mean giving up the things you enjoy, just making choices with balance and moderation in mind.  Monical’s Pizza is working to provide enjoyable food of high quality with the information our guests need to make good meal decisions.


  1. This is great, but i cannot find the actual calculator. Even when I type it in google it leads me to this page about the calculator. Where is the nutrition info itself?

    • You can find the nutritional calculator under the menu section. Some locations have the calculator while others have a pdf of the nutritional information. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
      Thank you.

  2. Dharmen Parikshak

    We wanted to know if any of the menu items (and which ones) contain eggs and/or peanuts/nuts or peanut oil. We are planning to have family get together and have few people with allergy issues. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • You may find the information you are looking for under the menu section for each location. The information will be in either the nutrition calculator or the PDF of nutritional info for that location. Thank you!

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